Circular Economy

The Textile District of Prato is the capital of the circular economy. For centuries, the recovery and reuse of rags give life to new yarns and fabrics, reducing the use of virgin raw materials, energy, water, and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
Comistra is part of this precious chain of reuse, giving a second life to the wool so that it can be spun and woven again.

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The eco-sustainable textile industry

In our company, textile production is environmentally sustainable, not just because we recycle rags.

The plants used for production also work thanks to a part of the energy obtained from the conversion of sunlight captured by our photovoltaic system. In addition, our company is a member of Gida, the consortium created to encourage the reuse of wastewater produced by textile companies in Prato.

Eco textile design

Each fabric has a degree of recyclability. To be recycled, creating a new product, the fibers have to have specific characteristics.

According to the principles of Eco Design, every garment must be designed sustainably. The result is a textile that can be recycled.
No unused item should be considered a waste, but a resource.

Circular economy of wool

Have you ever wondered how recycled wool, also known as the mechanical or regenerated wool of Prato, is born? At Comistra, we have been making it for over 100 years, with internal and Made in Italy production.

The cycle begins with the section on old fabrics. Continues with the processing of the water puller, to keep the wool fibers long and quality. The process continues with the combing and coloring of the fibers, naturally. This process allows the fibers to be processed and woven again.


Our fabrics are certified, ensuring traceability throughout the production process and compliance with environmental and social criteria.

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