The history of our company, linked to the production of mechanical wool, begins in 1920 in the textile district of Prato. After more than 100 years, our commitment to sustainable development is still the guiding light in the choices we make every day. Tradition, craftsmanship, research, quality, and care are the values that distinguish our products and our work.


Alfredo Tesi starts working in the regenerated wool sector, which has existed in Prato since 1800. Attentive to the growing development of this industry, Alfredo lays the foundations for the birth of a company synonymous with excellence.


Rolando Tesi, son of Alfredo, founded the company Com.I.Stra – Commercio Importazione Stracci and started the processing of textile raw materials. Rolando is an enlightened entrepreneur who immediately understands the importance of developing a circular economy, still today the flagship of the Prato District.


In the eighties, Fabrizio and Cinzia, together with their father Rolando, introduced two new processes into the company: carbonizzo and stracciatura. The goal is to transform products by ensuring careful quality control while maintaining the strength and longevity of the fibers destined for regenerated wool.


Alberto and Alice, Rolando’s grandchildren, also enter the company. Thanks to their passion and vision of the future, they contribute to making Comistra a modern and leading company in the trade of raw materials and the production of yarns and fabrics obtained from the regeneration of used clothes, the so-called rags.

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