Our core business is the production of mechanical wool. This material is also known as regenerated wool, or Prato wool because our city has been producing it for centuries by recycling used wool. The Textile District of Prato is the world capital of transformation and circular economy, giving new life to industrial textile waste and garments abandoned by citizens.

Selection of raw materials

In Comistra, we have a complete cycle plant, unique in its kind, to recycle and transform old wool into a new product of the highest quality.
The process begins with the selection of raw materials: rags. The textile waste is separated manually by our staff specialized in color, finesse, and composition. Each fabric is then cleaned of buttons, zippers, and labels to prevent it from compromising the quality of the final product.

Water puller

This machine mixes the tradition of an ancient craft like the so-called “cenciaiolo” with the technology that allows us to transform, every day, up to 25,000 kg of used fabrics. The process turns the rags into new high-quality fibrous material, preserving the fiber length and the initial characteristics of the fabric. The fiber obtained is the first step to creating new, resistant, and high-quality yarns and fabrics. This process recycles instead of consuming new resources and reduces the environmental impact of textile production.


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