We give a second life to textile

Growth and sustainability are the central values of our company. For over 100 years, in the heart of the Textile District of Prato, we gift a second life to rags and textile waste by transforming them mechanically into regenerated wool, new recycled yarns, and fabrics of the highest quality for haute couture. The circular economy has always been our job.

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Our Yarns

In our laboratories, we treat end-of-life garments and textile waste to obtain different fibers from which we create new recycled yarns. The peculiarity of our recycling process is that we limit the use of dyes and chemical auxiliaries. Each of our yarns is the result of craftsmanship tradition, handed down for generations, that weaves fibers of different shades to obtain a wadding intended for carded spinning.

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Our production is rooted in a tradition of craftsmanship, although today goes on through an industrial process. The activity begins with the manual selection of rags divided by color, finesse, and composition. The last step is the raw material transformations to obtain recycled carded yarns and elegant and high-quality plain or jacquard Long Life fabrics.

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Circular economy

In Comistra, the concept of “reuse” is the protagonist of every phase. For example, recycling used clothes (which we commonly call rags) to give them a second life or the conversion of solar energy collected by our photovoltaic system used for the company’s operation. But also attention to the virtuous water cycle. We are among the founders of Gida, a consortium born to reuse the wastewater produced by textile companies in Prato.

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