Comistra and Modartech: on the catwalk clothes from regenerated fabrics

Comistra 2023 fashion show in collaboration with Modartech

Modartech for Comistra

The luxury of recycling

Clothes from regenerated fabrics

A collection of magnificent clothes made with regenerated fabrics comes from the collaboration between Comistra and the students of Istituto Modartech in Pontedera. The message is clear: a product from textile recycling is not less precious than a virgin fabric. For this reason, the student’s creations could also have been shown in haute couture.

Reuse, therefore, is the key to giving a second life to used clothing, but also the most sustainable alternative to any other process of recycling or disposal. A process that takes place thanks to the selection of garments used and regenerated through particular processes, which keep intact quality and composition.

Eco-friendly fabrics and regenerated wool for Modartech designer clothes

The clothes designed by the young designers and students Modartech evoke the different stages of production in the company: selection of raw materials (rags), separation by color, finesse and composition, cleaning, the transformation of rags into new high-quality fibrous material, the study of color and weaving.

These phases were told in 16 chapters. To these, the boys added another 4 to celebrate the history of Comistra – which in 2023 celebrated 103 years of activity – through specific conceptual outfits.

The history of Comistra

Love, passion, beauty, and craftsmanship: here you are the future of textiles. Comistra’s commitment to the regeneration of used fabrics began many years ago and went through four generations. The journey began in 1920 when the visionary Alfredo Tesi realized the immense potential of regenerated wool.

Following in the footsteps of an unprecedented project, in 1951, his son Rolando Tesi created the company Com. I.Stra – Commercio importazione stracci (trade import rags), weaving an economic, circular, and industrial network became synonymous with excellence. ”Cenciaioli’, ‘are just rags’. How many clichés permeate, even today, the world of regenerated textiles? The fabrics used are instead a fundamental resource and not a waste.

The phases of textile regeneration

In the 80s, the transformation of raw materials, technological research, and innovation led Fabrizio and Cinzia Tesi, with their father Rolando, to continue the evolutionary process of a company now a leader in the textile regeneration field. The goal is only one, to ensure efficient quality control, giving strength and longevity to the fibers, then destined to produce regenerated wool or the well-known wool of Prato.

The transformation of raw materials, the production of yarns, the creation of fabrics, and their sale have expanded the company’s horizons, which today reaches national and international markets.

A second life to the clothes

Second life is the keyword, the anecdote in a society that runs fast. Energy, water, atmosphere are precious elements to safeguard. The commitment becomes light, like that converted from the photovoltaic system that the company has chosen. It allows the entire production.

Today, Alice, Alberto, and Filippo are not only the heirs of a large company, but they become spokesmen for an ideal. A new generation with attention to sustainable requests, but with the same principles that have accompanied an entire family for 103 years. This is the story of Comistra. A tale that in July 2023 took shape in the clothes made by the students of Modartech.